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Black Fae


Founded by Jasmine La Fleur, Black Fae Day is a online and in person celebration and an organization committed to the expansion of High Fantasy through uplifting the artistry, voices, stories, and communal experiences of Black people.

Our story

In March of 2021, Jasmine tweeted her wish to see Black people viewed in a positive light as fantasy characters on May 8th, 2021. On the day of the event, it became the second most trending topic of the day on Twitter and the movement’s hashtag, #blackfaeday, had reached millions of views between TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook in a single weekend. Jasmine created and registered Black Fae Day LLC as a business in the state of Oklahoma in June 2021. Black Fae Day LLC, as a business, provides events, online initiatives, and other creative means to increase positive representation of Black people in fantasy and mainstream media.

Our mission & vision

Black Fae Day is dedicated to promoting the representation of Black People in high fantasy across various media.

Our core values are rooted in community, mental wellness, artistic expression, and preserving the tradition of Griots of Fantasy.




Artistic Expression


Griots of


The Black Fae Day

5 Pillars of

Black Fantasy

  1. Mental Wellness: We prioritize promoting joy and health, and not just addressing trauma, in our existence as Black People.
  2. Representation: Our aim is to increase the visibility of Black People in high fantasy across different platforms, both online and offline.
  3. Artistic Expression: We celebrate and showcase the creativity of Black People through different art forms.
  4. Community: We foster connections and build relationships among people who share a passion for high fantasy.
  5. Griots of Fantasy: We are committed to preserving and highlighting the Folkloric Fantasy of the hidden figures who paved the way for us, while also being mindful of our own representation as Black People in High Fantasy.
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Black fae day

2024 theme

Black Fae Day Holiday

The Black Fae Day annual holiday is celebrated on the second Saturday of May each year, since 2021. This years date is May 11, 2024!

The purpose of this day is to increase positive representation of Black People in fantasy. As the creator and one of the many custodians of the celebration, it is my hope that our community continues to celebrate with ease and creative freedom.

The Faemily Reunion

The Faemily Reunion theme hopes to rekindle the first year’s feeling of community, creativity, and familial bonds. It is also intended to branch followers with other creatives in the Black Fae Community as well as the greater fantasy community as a whole.

Global Celebration

It's time to get the Fae family together! This year, we want to highlight as many events and entertainers as possible! Tell us about how you intend to celebrate Black Fae Day this year in detail. We are looking to work with event organizers, creators, and influencers to help make sure the holiday fun is accessible to as many faebies as possible.

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Jasmine La Fleur

Black Fae Day Founder

With a vision to celebrate the depth of Black folklore and the fantastical, Jasmine established Black Fae Day. This annual event, set on the second Saturday of May, is not merely a festivity but a burgeoning movement that highlights the critical need for diversity within fantasy. Jasmine truly believes that by joining hands in celebration, we can collectively turn the pages toward a future where the media we consume is as diverse as the world we live in.

Learn more about jasmine at

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Black Fae Day podcast

faebies & Friends

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Featured Episode

Embracing Authenticity: Zodwa Nyonis Journey into Anime and Diverse Narratives

Dive into the depths of storytelling with hosts Jasmine La Fleur (Black Fae Day) and Letisha Jones (Interspectional Podcast) with Netflix writer and poet, Zodwa Nyoni. This frolic of new friends unveil the power of music, ancestral lineage, and Zodwa's work in the hit series Castlevania: Nocturne. Explore the diverse tapestry of black narratives and learn why authentic representation matters now more than ever!

Black Fae Day


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Fairytale gala: Royals

A Royal Affair

Black Fae Day 2023's theme was Royals. We celebrated at Rockwall Castle, just outside of Dallas, TX. The Gala featured special performers, a silent art auction, twerking on stilts, and more.

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